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February- Finding my Feet

For the eagle-eyed among you, I’m aware that this blog is being posted in March. It was also written in March. I’ve been flicking back through my photos from this month and am slightly in shock at the amount I have managed to cram into such a short space of time. There has been a lot of gallivanting around the country and no time until now to sit down with my laptop to write!

Extreme weather seems to have dominated each of the twenty eight days. I’ve gone from being snowed in at my friend Steph’s house in Taunton, sun-burnt in Chichester and then to my pee freezing solid in the Alps. Pretty wild. Being outside has made me realise how beautiful this time of year can be, which is something I haven’t experience fully before now. I have always been in the midst of the education sector and forgetting that daylight exists so it was a surprise that it’s possible to walk or run for five minutes without getting soaking wet in the dark.

Riding the meteorological highs and lows of the British and French winter combined with so much driving around in circles between Wales, Oxford, London and Cornwall means that life can get pretty exhausting. It’s also very easy to fall into less than satisfactory habits, especially with routine when living without a regular fixed agenda.

Coming from a teaching career, my life has been dictated for the last four and a half years by loud ringing noises. My alarm clock would go off at 5.45am. Each hour of my working day would then be structured based on a bell at the start and end of each lesson, at break, at lunch and at the end of the day. I’ve had the sensation that my brain is still waiting for that audio cue as permission to start or finish a task at regular intervals of the day. Through my own choice, I had not only left behind my regular job, but my structure and routine with it.

I’ve found settling into tasks difficult, sitting still for long periods of time a struggle and prioritising my to-do list an impossible task. I’ve been restless and unsettled moving from one place to the next, with the ongoing feeling I’ve been searching for something without being quite sure what it looks or feels like. It’s very easy to start kicking yourself when you feeling like a metaphorical tumbleweed. Motivation begins to dwindle and fatigue sweeps in like JK Rowling’s Dementors.

Once again, my 365 Days of Adventure challenge has come charging to my rescue. Not only am I now accountable publicly on Instagram for getting a fresh air and endorphin hit each day which gives me something to look forward to, it has inadvertently lead to the highlight of my year so far in the form of SayYesMore.

I found out at the start of the month that I had been named as an ambassador for SayYesMore. The organisation, founded by adventurer Dave Cornthwaite, uses social media to encourage more people to live positively and to be able to enjoy the outside world. I’ll sneak in the manifesto from the website here…

Over a sunny and warm weekend at the end of the month, all of the Ambassadors were invited down to a field in Chichester to get to know each other and I instantly breathed a MASSIVE sigh of relief. Here was a ready-made set of like-minded, relentlessly positive and overall supportive folk ready to officially take on their positions as positive role models for SayYesMore. After being a little bit nervous hearing everyone’s credentials, it was great to find that whilst there were already lots of people with experience of being professionally badass, there were also those (including me) still finding their feet in the world of adventure. Bonding over the two days discussing our personal goals for the year and the challenges we have been facing, it was reassuring to know that all of us were in the same boat and would now have a network to reach out to for support with some enthusiastic new friends who would be up for some crazy adventures.

Photo Credit: Dave Cornthwaite

The best part is that I’ve rediscovered my drive and motivation. It was impossible not to when surrounded by so much positivity. Plans and ideas for the rest of the year are beginning to fall into place and I already feel a million times more alive.

You know what? I think I might just have found that thing that I was searching for.

If you are keen to find a wonderful collection of human beings to spend some time outside, head on over and join the SayYesMore Facebook group. SayYesMore organise a whole range of events including evening talks, camp-outs, workshops and even the Yestival festival. https://www.facebook.com/groups/theyestribe/