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In January 2019 I was chuffed to be selected as an Ambassador for SayYesMore.

SayYesMore was founded by the adventurer Dave Cornthwaite and aims to encourage more people to say YES to living a more fulfilling life and get cracking on all the exciting things they should be doing. Like adventuring. Or starting a business. Or playing the Ukele upside down. 

SayYesMore runs events all over the country including Campouts, YesStories and regular training days at the YesBus (a magic double decker bus in the countryside!) to help people develop skills from film-making to bush craft.

I'm hugely inspired by my fellow ambassadors. Each has their own unique strengths and they are a MASSIVELY positive bunch to hang out with! And they make CAKE.

Check out the SayYesMore website and definitely follow the Ambassadors below on Instagram!


Photo: Dave Cornthwaite